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Shoe Goo F.A.Q.

Shoe Goo/Shoe Goo DF/Sports Goo/Awesome DIY  F.A.Q.
Q. What is Shoe Goo?

A. Shoe Goo is like rubber in a tube. It has solvents to keep it like a thick gel, and once the solvents evaporate, it hardens to a strong yet flexible rubber. Shoe Goo is used to rebuild worn down heels of shoes, make shoe soles non-slip, and can be used as an excellent adhesive to reattach loose or broken parts of shoes and hundreds of other things.

Q. What is Shoe Goo DF?

A. Shoe Goo DF is similar to Shoe Goo, but softer. It is used to seal the seam between the upper and the sole of shoes to keep out water, dirt, etc., and to keep the sole from separating from the shoe. Shoe Goo DF is clear.

Q. What is Sports Goo?

A. Sports Goo was created for people on the go. It has the adhesion power of Shoe Goo and the clearness of Shoe Goo DF. Skateboarders will love the clearness, as it looks great on skate shoes!

Q. What is Awesome DIY?

A. Awesome DIY is a heat-curing solventless urethane rubber which is applied like Shoe Goo, then dipped in boiling hot water or heated by using a hair dryer to make a worn down heel look brand new!

Q. What is the difference between Shoe Goo and other, similar repair products?

A. Shoe Goo is the original rubber type shoe repair product. It has been sold in Japan for over 30 years! Shoe Goo does not contain any Toluene or Benzene. Shoe Goo has very good non-slip properties. Shoe Goo is not flammable. Shoe Goo is stronger and will last longer than most others. Shoe Goo also comes in 3 colors; black, natural and white, so it can be used on almost anything.

*NOTE: Beware, some other similar repair products are dangerous because they can be flammable or contain TOLUENE.

Q. How long do Shoe Goo, Shoe Goo DF, Sports Goo and Awesome DIY take to dry (cure)?

A. Shoe Goo: A thin application of Shoe Goo will dry in 12 hours, a thicker application will take up to 72 hours. Shoe Goo reaches maximum strength when allowed to fully cure, so please be patient! We recommend you apply a thin layer of Shoe Goo, allow it to dry, then add a second layer.

Shoe Goo DF: Shoe Goo DF will cure overnight.

Sports Goo: Sports Goo is usually used on the tops of shoes and other sports equipment, and will cure in 12 to 24 hours.

Awesome DIY: As Awesome DIY is heat-curing, by using boiling hot water the repair is completely hardened in about 5 minutes. If you are using a hair dryer, allow about 10 minutes to be sure the heat reaches deep into the repair.

Q. How else can I use Shoe Goo, Shoe Goo DFand Sports Goo?

A. Please see the 101 uses page.

Q. Are Shoe Goo, Shoe Goo DF, Sports Goo and Awesome Goo productseasy to use?

A. Yes! Anyone can easily repair their own shoes in just a few minutes. Make sure the repair surface is clean, dry and free of solvents. Use the emery board to roughen up the surface to be repaired. Just squeeze out some Shoe Goo on the area to repair, spread it with the ice cream stick (like spreading butter on bread), and leave the shoe on a flat, level surface to dry. Once the Shoe Goo is dry, walking on hard surfaces will smooth out the repair and you will not even notice it! If you apply too much Shoe Goo, simply cut off the extra with a scissors.

Shoe Goo DF only needs to be squeezed into the seam between the upper and the sole of a shoe, and allowed to dry.

Sports Goo is like Shoe Goo but clear, so you can spread it on the top of your shoes to protect them. It's like spreading butter on bread! Skateboarders use Sports Goo to prevent their shoes from being damaged by their skateboards' rough deck, and use it to waterproof

Q. Who uses the Shoe Goo products?

A. Anybody who likes their shoes, plays sports, or even likes walking. People who need an excellent adhesive to attach hooks to the walls or repair concrete, wood, rubber, glass and metal objects. Shoes wear out, and more and more people are seeing how much money they can save by extending the use of their shoes and their sports equipment!

Shoe Goo is also used by professionals in various ways, like to keep goods from sliding on conveyor belts, repairing fork lift tires, attaching cushions to the outfield walls at baseball stadiums, repairing signs and many other uses!