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3 Simple Steps:

Clean area to be repaired, by wiping away dirt and oils. Use the included sanding stick to further clean and roughen up the surface to be repaired. Shoe Goo's adhesion is improved by having something to grab onto to, so be sure the area to be repaired is clean, dry and roughened.

Sand shoe


Squeeze out a bead of Shoe Goo directly on the area to be repaired. Use the included stick to spread the Goo evenly over the area. Wetting the stick in water before using it makes spreading easier. When Shoe Goo cures, it will shrink somewhat so apply a little more than you'll need. For thicker applications, apply in layers, letting each layer dry at least 6 hours.



Allow the Shoe Goo to cure at least 24 hours, 48 hours is best. Walking on concrete or roads will sand the rough edges off and the repair will look natural. If you want to dullen the finish, use a rubber pencil eraser to take off the shine.

Gooed blk


Video: How to use Shoe Goo


Blk b4


after blk

Shoe Goo Black


b4 nat


after nat

Shoe Goo Natural




after wht

Shoe Goo White

Shoe Goo DF (color: clear)

Clean the area before applying.

Slowly squeeze out a bead of Shoe Goo DF along the seam, to help prevent water, dirt, sand etc. from getting in the seam and causing separation of the sole.

Allow to dry overnight.

apply DF

Skateboarders use DF on the upper part of the skate shoes to help prevent damage to the shoe caused by hard skating.



Shoe Goo DF works great on golf, tennis, soccer and baseball spikes as well as hiking and trekking shoes.

Great for waterproofing!



Video: How to use Shoe Goo DF

Awesome DIY (color: black)
Awesome small

NEW!! Awesome DIY is a heat-curing heel repair to build up worn down heels.

First clean to remove dirt. Uuse the included sanding stick to roughen up area to be repaired.

b4 Awesome

Cut a strip of plastic (we used a clear file folder) or cut the Awesome DIY package itself, and use cellophane tape to create a barrier around the area to be repaired.

Squeeze out enough Awesome DIY to fill the area, and use the included ice cream stick to fill in all spaces, and smooth the top surface.

tape Awesome

Using a receptical (we used the bottom of a water bottle) filled with boiling hot water, simply dip the heel into the water. Be careful not to touch the sides of the receptical for at least 1 minute, to preserve the shape of the repair. Allow the heel to remain in the water for 5 full minutes.

water Awesome

After heating the repair for 5 minutes, remove from water, remove taped plastic barrier. Test to be sure the Awesome DIY has fully cured by sticking a toothpick in it. If the toothpick comes out clean, the repair is finished!

A hair dryer can also be used to heat the repair area, but be sure to get enough heat deep into the repair, at least 7 or 8 minutes. Hold the hair dryer steadily on each section of the repair. Check with toothpick.

after Awesome


Awesome DIY Video


b4 woman heel


after woman heel

Sports Goo (color: clear)

Sports is a clear, U.V. resistant coating which was developed for use on the top of the shoe, or in any noticeable repair area.

It has the same qualities of Shoe Goo in that it is also an excellent adhesive and waterproofing Goo!

Spo-Goo Futaba